Find out what's really going on

You may have established best practices and policies & procedures for servicing, but do you know if they’re being followed, and if so, to what extent? Are they as comprehensive and current as they should be? 

These are often loaded questions with answers that vary. 

MQMR’s Servicing Risk Assessment poses key questions to lenders to help you find out whether you’re really covering all of the bases across audit, risk, and compliance, and to what extent. 

After completing the assessment, an MQMR expert will be in touch to schedule a time to review your scores and provide you with personalized and actionable recommendations.

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  • Analyze and grade the effectiveness of your servicing program;
  • Identify specific areas of concern within your servicing program;
  • Ensure your servicing program is effectively mitigating risk; 
  • Understand and address CFPB, GSE and other regulatory requirements around servicing operations;
  • Find the appropriate solutions for improving your servicing program.